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The Family


Chef Lam (Dad), his wife Anna (Mom), daughter Kitty Heck and husband Ken Heck, are the proprietors and creators of Chinglish and its sister restaurant Kosher Chinglish. For more than 45 years, from Hong Kong to Beijing to San Francisco, Chef Lam has wowed diners with incredible tasting food. His world renown talent and flavors garnered from across nations have now arrived in Las Vegas. These restaurants are the culmination of years of hard work, dedication, and sacrifices of Mom & Dad working day and night to finally bring  these dream restaurants to life.

Bringing Hong Kong

To Boca Park


As long-time residents of Las Vegas, we dine out a lot! We love Las Vegas’ Chef owned restaurants and think they are some of the best in the world. Our goal with Chinglish is bring a truly unique flavor experience to Las Vegas. Our founding partner, Kitty Heck grew up eating these incredible dishes, being the daughter of one of San Francisco’s great Chefs.

The Hottest Wok

In Town

Here’s a secret: The perfect wok creates the perfect flavor. It is called “wok hei” translated to “the wok’s breath.” As Michelin puts it, “Wok hei is the quintessential feature of Cantonese cooking.”  Chef Lam spent years perfecting the art of the wok. It is the mark of a truly great Chinese Chef and a big reason why the food at Chinglish is just right. The wok itself imparts flavors and tastes on food during stir-frying. It starts with warming the Wok to just the right temperature: searing heat. High heat sears in the fresh flavors combining them with just the right amount of water and oil to deliver a perfect texture.

The Chinglish kitchen has been specifically designed from the ground up for these high temperature woks. The kitchen features the largest stainless steel hood in Southern Nevada and a specially designed cooling system to keep our team of professional chefs from cooking themselves while they are cooking your food.



Let's Make It

Extra Special

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